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Victor Vroegindeweij is an award winning documentary film director from the Netherlands. He specialises in documentary film and advertising.

His award winning productions include feature films, television shows and commercials. He focusses on the 'human experience' and he is interested in the strategies people create to deal with the 'problem that we call life'. He believes that all human activity, whether it’s our work or family, our career or our obsessions for food, our love for art or the relentless pursuit of happiness, they are all strategies we develop to forget that life is senseless and that we are all mortal.

  • Cannes Lions 2017 Winner - Pickwick Tea Topics

  • 'The Attachment' nominated for a ADCN Lamp

  • 'Halte' Winner NL Award Best Series

  • 'For Better Or For Worse' licensed to Canal+ France and Africa

  • 'Matthew and Me' licensed to ZDF

  • 'Chanaika' Official selection IDFA, Buster, Cinekid and IFFR

  • 'Chanaika' Winner audience award NFTVM VERS and winner Best Documentary California Online Film Festival
+31 6 27047370

Victor is represented in The Netherlands by Hazazah Film & Photography
Jeroen van den Idsert
+31 20 422 64 22

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